Our Values


We believe that it is possible to be very successful whilst still acting in an ethically sound and satisfying manner. Whilst we continually act to maximize our clients’ business gains, when it comes to measuring our success, we do not believe financial gain to be the most important factor. We are committed to supporting the practice diversity of our staff, encouraging them to work on matters that are valuable and intellectually stimulating, as well as financially rewarding.  We actively choose to work with clients and companies who share our purpose. And while we’ll consider each case on its merits, we also reserve the right to not work with organisations that we feel do not share our purpose and values and extend this right to all our people, too.


The products our work helps bring to market often have wide-ranging societal benefits and we’re proud of the part we play in bringing them through to fruition. That’s why we’re truly positive about our work, approaching it with energy and enthusiasm.


We aim to be the most open, transparent and easy to deal with IP practice. We always give the most honest advice, whatever the circumstances. And we always do so in a manner you’re sure to understand. If we can’t help we’ll tell you who can or when we might be able to work together. And if we don’t feel we’re the right fit for you for any reason, we’ll be honest and explain why as soon as possible.


Science depends (and thrives) upon collaboration. Our technical experience means we understand just how beneficial it is to work in partnership with your advisors. We fit around your needs, not our own ways of doing things. We’re not point-scorers; we’re all about helping our clients get the results they crave. What’s more, we’re supportive of each other, too.


Our clients’ work is pioneering and often requires creative solutions. That’s why we approach our work with an open mind, going above and beyond for our clients to ensure they receive the most appropriate advice for their circumstances. We love working and thinking creatively – it is why we do what we do. We like to feel we have a distinct mindset and aren’t afraid of doing things a little differently.


We’re a modern, vibrant practice with a distinct approach to the way we work. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we work together as well as with our clients. We’re obsessed with continual improvement in everything we do, however big or small. It’s all part of being a progressive firm.


We believe in treating everyone in a courteous and respectful manner and that everyone in the firm should have an equal opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Environmentally responsible

Our changing climate, coupled with dwindling resources, is the largest threat to world security in the 21st Century. We firmly believe in supporting research and promoting solutions into this critical area and in working in a way that is as environmentally responsible as possible.