Jon Elsworth

European Patent Attorney

Jon works primarily in the medtech, chemical and pharma fields, and strives to ensure that clients realise the value in their IP.  He strongly believes that IP rights should be viewed as profitable assets rather than necessary costs.  As such, he likes to offer creative solutions to clients, together with his usual pragmatic approach.

Having entered the IP profession in 2009, Jon has spent time working in both private practice and industry before joining Greaves Brewster.  Whilst in private practice, he worked closely with clients in building and maintaining global patent portfolios in the chemical, pharma and medical device areas.  He also handled a number of opposition and appeal proceedings at the EPO, mainly in relation to small molecule therapeutics and their synthesis.

He then moved to industry, where he was the lead patent counsel for ResMed in its respiratory care business, responsible for patent strategy in ventilation, portable oxygen and inhaler technologies.  This included gaining extensive experience in invention harvesting, freedom to operate analyses, competitive intelligence, and IP due diligence, as well as in more adjacent areas, such as licensing and employment matters.  As a result, he is able to tailor advice to all levels of an organisation, from inventors to senior management.

Mostly recently, he ran an IP consultancy offering a range of services, from patent drafting and prosecution to in-house counselling on competitive strategy.

Jon’s technical background is in chemistry, although he has gathered significant experience in engineering since joining the profession.  He has a Master’s degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Bristol, and carried out a postdoctoral fellowship in the same area at the Australian National University.  Owing to his academic roots, he enjoys working with universities and start-ups in devising IP strategies to compliment their business objectives.